The Strength and Conditioning Program

Strength and conditioning training is the form of exercises which emphasise on building the strength, size, mobility, power, agility and endurance of the skeletal muscles. This training is highly beneficial in improving athletes’ performance in competition and also to reduce injuries.

As part of our partnership with La Trobe University Bendigo, we are able to use the strength and conditioning lab every Wednesday night. We have our experienced Exercise and Physiology third year students from La Trobe University Bendigo as the personal trainers. They have been very knowledgeable and helpful to the athletes and have become a key to the athletes’ performance during their sporting endeavours.

The athletes’ experience 

Unlike the usual, to make the training more engaging and fun, we had a couple of our athletes interviewed to speak about their interest and experience in the program.

Baelea, 16 year-old Kayaking athlete, started Kayaking three years ago. Beside Kayaking, she also does Athletics such as running to keep her fit and strong. When she was asked about “what do you enjoy most of the strength and conditioning training?”, she replied that she likes the vibe that everyone has and that she enjoys lifting weights. By joining strength and conditioning training, she feels that she has improved a lot since the first day she joined the program. She also added that the muscle endurance and core strength training have really benefited her during the competition.

Name: Baelea Collins
Hometown: Bridgewater
Sport: Kayaking
Hobbies: Kayaking, Athletics
Favourite food: Chinese food
Favourite TV show: Friends
Favourite song: Be Alright – Dan Lewis
Admired athlete: Jessica Fox
Quote of life: “Live, love, laugh”

Lachlan, a 17 year-old Tennis athlete has been in the strength and conditioning program for three years. He has been enjoying the program and loves the comradery of the group that he is with. The program has helped him a lot to strengthen his core muscles and improve his fitness in order to hit good shots and outlast his opponents. He started playing Tennis early when he was 5 years old. Roger Federer is his role model in the sport. The reason is because of the work rate and determination Federer shows in training and every match. Lachlan also has the desire to compete in a high-level tournament such as ATP and Grand Slam in the future. Apart from Tennis, he also wishes to get a University degree in Mechanical Engineer.

Name: Lachlan Perdon
Hometown: Bendigo
Sport: Tennis
Hobbies: Tennis, reading, watching movies, listening to music, playing games
Favourite food: Chicken Schnitzel
Favourite TV show: Broklyn 99
Favourite song: The Score and The Script (Artists)
Admired athlete: Roger Federer
Quote of life: “You cannot be serious” – John McEnroe

Written by: Samuel Nanere