Musculoskeletal Screenings:

All athletes in Bendigo Academy of Sport programs undertake a musculoskeletal screening which is a critical component of our service programs.

Musculoskeletal screenings provide critical information to the academy, coaches and strength and conditioning staff. The musculoskeletal screenings entail a series of movement and physical assessments to determine if there physical areas of concern that may need to be addressed.

Our musculoskeletal screenings are performed by Fusion Physiotherapy [McIvor Road, Bendigo] and Goulburn Valley Physiotherapy [Shepparton], who complete each screening then provide an electronic copy to the athlete’s guardians, the academy [these are forwarded onto the coaches of the relevant sport and the strength & conditioning staff].

Fusion Physiotherapy and Goulburn Valley Physiotherapy will make recommendations to assist with any injury and physical condition noted in their assessment. Athletes can use this information to discuss with their own providers or continue to work with our physiotherapy groups.

When athletes attend for their assessment it is important that they notify the Physiotherapy Groups of any previous injuries or problematic concerns.

Fusion Physiotherapy and Goulburn Valley Physiotherapy provide the academy with trend data for each specific sport and this is also included into their injury management presentations to the athletes.

The well being of all athletes is of the upmost importance and we along with Physiotherapy Groups monitor the workloads of the athletes.

The fee for this is included the athlete fees.


Athlete Education:

Each program receives presentations from highly qualified and credentialed personnel in the following areas

  • Diet and Nutrition [Danielle Paterson AIS accredited]
  • Sports Psychology [Katie Wood, PhD,Senior Lecturer/ Clinical Psychologist,Course Director, Master of Counselling, Swinburne]
  • Podiatry [Bendigo Foot Clinic]
  • Social Media [ Nikki Williams – City of Greater Bendigo]
  • Public speaking [Joel Peterson – Bendigo Weekly and Radio ABC, Josh Dawe – Nine News]
  • Integrity in Sport [supported by ASADA and Australian Federal Police]
  • Injury Management [Fusion Physiotherapy and Goulburn Valley Physiotherapy]


Fitness Testing:

Fitness testing is a component of every sports program with tests conducted as recommended by the State or National Sport body. If the no tests are recommended by the respective sporting bodies we follow a battery of tests are recommended by the Victorian Institute of Sport whom we work closely with.
We receive strong support from the La Trobe University Sports Science students who assist with testing and provision of testing equipment. Most sports programs are tested as an individual sport but sometimes several sports will combine for a testing day.


Strength and Conditioning:

The strength and Conditioning program is comprised of 3 elements:

  • Elite Program
  • Sport Training Session Program
  • Home Based program

The Elite Program is conducted weekly for 24 athletes who have demonstrated a high level of achievement [International / National competition] or have demonstrated potential to achieve at a very high level.

This program is conducted with the strong support of the La Trobe University and their Sports Science Faculty staff and students. This is a very individualised program with the La Trobe University students completing their placement hours with this program under the supervision of a highly credentialed staff member.

The Sports Training Session Program is conducted at training sessions usually prior to skills sessions being conducted. Our highly skilled coaches take the athletes through a range of exercises and activities that are recommended by State and National Sporting Bodies for athletes of their particular age category. Athletes are expected to perform these exercises / activities at home between training sessions so as to maximise the benefits.

A Home Based Training Program assists athletes who are unable to attend other sessions. A program is provided that is includes exercises that can be conducted without expensive equipment.

All programs should be monitored to take into consideration the number of spots an athletes plays during the week and their other physical commitments.

Over training and early specialising of a single sport is not recommended by sporting experts as the benefits from participating in a range of sports is enormous.