Our Vision

To provide an environment that is able to consistently produce Victorian and National Junior athletes and coaches.

Our Mission

To provide an environment in which our most talented athletes and our most qualified and ambitious coaches from Central & Northern Victoria receive the support required to enable them to achieve at the highest level in both sport and life.

Our Values
•    Honesty
•    Excellence
•    Respect
•    Leadership
•    Integrity
•    Enjoyment

What is the Bendigo Academy of Sport?
The Bendigo Academy of Sport was founded in 1995 to support regional athletes and their families to pursue their dreams in elite sport by reducing the tyranny of distance from metropolitan based training centres.

We work with state sporting bodies and clubs to provide opportunities for elite young athletes and have interacted with in excess of 2300 athletes and coaches.
Our programs provide opportunities and exposure for athletes to high performance sporting knowledge.
The knowledge that is developed through our programs allows the athletes and coaches along with their skills and knowledge to stay in our community, and in our region. Many athletes go on to obtain valuable qualifications outside of their sport and then return to our region.
Over the years we have numerous athletes achieve state and national representation. Many of our coaches coach at a state level one is currently an Australian coach.

The Bendigo Academy of Sport, works with athletes and their families to create and deliver programs and services that maximise their opportunities to be successful.

We appreciate the support of our State Sporting Associations, Sport Recreation Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Sport in creating pathways for success.

The Bendigo Academy of Sport currently supports 165 athletes and 28 coaches across 11 different sports – Baseball, Canoeing, Clay Target Shooting, Golf, Netball, Swimming, Rowing, Tennis and Volleyball along with a group of individual athletes.

Australian Athletes who started with the Bendigo Academy of Sport

•    Jeff Tho
•    Glenn Warfe
•    Ross Smith
•    Paul Stevenson

•    Sam Moon
•    Maddie Davis

•    Kristy Packham
•    Bec Mann
•    Maddie Batters
•    Eliza Singleton
•    Kristen Woodcock
•    James Humphry
•    Imogen Douglass

Clay Target
•    Laura Woolley

•    Tayla Vladminck

•    Glenn O’Shea – [world champion]
•    Jack Haig
•    Chris Hammond
•    Tasman Nankervis
•    Zac Dempster
•    Russell Nankervis

•    Lucas Herbert

•    Caitlin Thwaites
•    Ruby Barkmeyer

•    Jess Pitts

•    Eliza Karley Hynes
•    Jason Hughes
•    Laura Roberts
•    James Winzar
•    James Haythorne
•    Jameson Crawford
•    Jemuel Pryse
•    Millie Fogarty

Australian Coaches
•    Tim Decker
•    Gary Roberts
•    Laura Roberts
•    Todd Broadbent
•    Michael Mayes
•    Steve Aitkin

We offer services in
•    Technical and skill based coaching
•    Tournament / event opportunities
•    Strength & Conditioning
•    Fitness testing
•    Musculoskeletal screenings
•    Athlete Education [nutrition, sports psychology, injury management, social media, public speaking, Integrity in Sport and podiatry]
•    Other personal development opportunities as they arise