Congratulations to all of the Bendigo Academy of Sport Tennis Squad who participated in the VRAS Tennis Tournament on the weekend.

It was a great weekend of high-quality tennis from the best juniors in Regional Victoria.

Special thanks to Calan McCarthy [squad coach] who in his second year with the academy developed the young athletes and provided them the belief that they can be successful. Also, thanks to Andrew Crossman for his coaching expertise.

Our athletes are to be congratulated on their tennis ability and exemplary behaviour throughout the tournament. Thanks to the families who came along to support the athletes.

Singles CHAMPIONS and Runners Up from Day 1 (Congratulations!)

Tiers were based on UTR ratings.

 Tier 1 – 

  • Champion, Lewis Murray – Bendigo

  • Runners Up, Gus Maibaum

Tier 2 –

  • Champion, Nathan Broad – Bendigo

  • Runners Up, Peter Pochettino – Bendigo

Tier 3 –

  • Champion, Jamie Windust – Bendigo

  • Runners Up, Henry Seeber

Tier 4 –

  • Champion, Andrew Thompson

  • Runners Up, Eli Kingma – Bendigo

Tier 5 –

  • Champion, Joaquin Tedesco – Bendigo

  • Runners Up, Frazer Shurdington

Tier 6 –

  • Champion, Candice Bramwell

  • Runners Up, Monty Darcy

Academy Standings based on the formula – Any Match win = 1 point, any finals win = 3 points number of players in academy (Finalists also got a point).

  1. Bendigo – 3.84

  2. Barwon– 3.71

  3. Southwest – 2.65

  4. WestVic – 2.63

  5. Gippsland– 2.53

Overall, the weekend was a huge success, and we thank Tennis Victoria for the wonderful support that they provide regional athletes. Special thanks to Cam Govan and Thomas Floyd for organising the event.