Everyone at the Bendigo Academy of Sport wishes to congratulate Jan on her recent appointment to the full time role of Operations Manager HDFNL, which encompasses the operations role with the HDFNL and a role with AFL Central Victoria overseeing the Netball competitions in several other local leagues.

This is a great opportunity for Jan as she is extremely passionate about local netball and football.  The role will allow Jan to spend more time with her family as with her previous role with Netball Vic she spent many hours travelling all over central and northwest Victoria.

Jan has worked for the academy for nearly 4 years and we have certainly benefitted from her work.We sincerely thank Jan for all that she has been able to contribute to the academy; the support that she has provided the programs committee, the Board and myself.

Her last day will be Friday 9th March 2018. After this date can all correspondence be directed to the Academy –email address academy@latrobe.edu.au  or myself.

Jan’s office number [5444 7702] automatically diverts to my office so no change is required.

The Board will be shortly backfilling Jan’s role within the academy.

We wish Jan every success in her new role knowing that our loss is the HDFNL’s gain.